Rocking Chair Rehabilitation

With the major projects that I am doing on the house myself mostly done, I've moved on to furniture. I've begun to build a dresser to replace the two that we have in our room. It will be a modern design with various size drawers built from pine and beetle kill pine as the accent wood. But while I slowly get to work on that (more on it to come later), I've got another project in the meantime.

A friend of ours asked me to fix a broken rocking chair. It was hers as a kid and, now that she has a daughter, she's passed it on.

Rocking Chair

Unfortunately one of the legs attaching a rocker on had broken and a previous attempt to fix it with a screw had failed.

Broken Rocker

Upon examining the chair I discovered that a number of the joints were loose. I ended up disassembling it all the way so I can put it back together nice and tight. And while I'm at it I'll strip the paint and return it to the original wood finish (with the blessing of the owner, don't worry).

Disassembled Rocking Chair

Taking it apart was my first chance to really use the new vice that my dad bought me for my workbench. Definitely came in handy when I needed gentle but firm pressure. Thanks, Dad!

New Vice