Phone Shelf

The second small woodworking project was to build a phone shelf for us. A recent resolution of mine (you could call it a New Years resolution, but I've been toying with the idea for a while) was to use my phone less. For a week around Christmas I switched back to my old dumb phone. That taught me that I can get away without a lot of the iPhone's features, but also that I hate texting on a number pad. So instead of doing that permanently I decided to build a phone shelf so that I could dock the phone near the entrance to the house and not be constantly looking at it.

It's a pretty simple design and didn't take me more than a few hours to build. We put it right under the living room light switch.

Phone shelf

The most phone part of building it was devising a way to hang the charging cables so we don't have to always be picking them up. I used the drill press to put a couple of 1/2 inch holes in the ends and then embedded small neodymium magnets into them. Covered up with some wood filler, they just look like little circles. Combined with nice 6 foot braided charging cords, the cables hang nicely and can stretch to the nearest chair.

Magnetic Cord Holder