Tea Shelves

Over the holidays I worked on several small woodworking projects for around the house.
First up was a set of shelves for the kitchen to keep my looseleaf tea on. I started from two Ikea's BEKVÄM spice racks, a cheap way to get your wood at $4 per shelf. Unfortunately they were about four inches too long for the space we wanted to put them in. Before assembling them I took the pieces and shortened them on the table saw. Then I had to re-drill the holes for assembly, which gave me a chance to use my new old drill press!

1950s drill press

My grandfather is downsizing his shop and recently passed this old Craftsman drill press along to my father and me. I don't know the exact year, but the matching manual I found online is from 1952. We oiled the parts up a bit and it works like a charm. I used some of my former neighbors spare butcher block countertop to make the wood platform.

The hardest part of the Ikea shelf downsizing was the crossbeam at the front. It was reduced in size at the end to form a small tenon. I ended up using the table saw with the blade set very low to carefully reduce the width of the piece.

Shelf tenon

After some stain and polycrylic, the end result looks nice! You would hardly know they're from Ikea.

Tea Shelves

And some matching tea tins are on their way in the mail.