We thought we would put together a small list of things that we've learned.

  • There is such a thing as good enough, even if you're a perfectionist.
  • Start with the upstairs rooms that people don't see as much. Then by the time you get to the downstairs, you'll know what you're doing.


  • Use semigloss paint in wet areas (no one tells you this)
  • Buy painters tape in bulk, and get the good brand. You'll go through way more of it than you know.

Asbestos Tiles

  • You can do it yourself, but don't if it makes you uncomfortable.
  • Do your research well beforehand!
  • Use protective gear (suit, respirator, gloves) and seal off the room.
  • Soak the tiles before trying to remove, it makes them come out easier.
  • Keep everything wet all the time to prevent fibers from becoming airborn.
  • Try to get the tiles out in one piece, though this may not be possible.
  • Wash everything out well after.
  • Check out BEAN-e-doo mastic remover.